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Well Aren’t You Clever!

Parody Comic

Sorry Butt ………………..No One Gets Out Alive

You Have Finally Found StickTool!

Please note this supposedly funny comic is not really for the kids, besides they are in the park having real fun ….. Aren’t They?

Well you may have noticed that this notice is not worth noticing and any other notices here are not at all noteworthy or noticeable either. In fact this notice is possibly just nonsense and a nuisance nonsensical notice where nothing noteworthy is being noted! In fact if you were to take the time to peruse all the no sense non alluring nothingness on this site you may realise that you could have been spending your precious quality time much more wisely by watching re-runs of your favorite soap opera or better still more repeats of your favorite funny cat videos on Youtube (My sides are still splitting) And don’t forget your favorite cooking show is on in ten minutes, which gives you just enough time to make a raw salad and compare it to the example on the Television! … At last our lives have true meaning and a purpose! While you are here, may I ask did you apply for that reality show that goes to Mars? Talk about clever marketing!

We can watch them grow old while we grow old as well …. and all before they get there? Maybe it will turn out like the Alien movie and we will have to do a follow up series to the original? Let’s call it .. “Earth Must Destroy Mars” After all we can’t have Aliens claiming Mars before we do! We do have the exclusive television rights don’t we?? Perhaps we can set up a greasy fast food franchise and kill them off that way? But the really important question is do Aliens like funny comics? or do they prefer stand up comedy? I think the jury is still out on that one? And if they did like a funny comic I bet it would be Peanuts or Hagar or that Fat Cat with the stupid name? Did I get around to mentioning the funny cat videos yet ? …… by now you may have noticed it’s probably time to start reading this …. supposedly funny parody comic!


Hey .. what a bummer I changed my hosting (cyberspace real estate rent) and lost the files for this website …. over 300 comics gone! Not sure what happens next? In the meantime you can either go back to the pub? Buy an Ebook or watch The One Minute Punk Song or A Vidfie (have you done one yet?) A Vidfie is a ten to twenty second spinning video showing yourself and your whereabouts …… better than a Selfie

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By Recomputed

By Recomputed